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A penny in maintenance can save a dollar in repairs

A lot of HVAC problems start small and can often be unnoticed, but they worsen gradually over time, until the problem is no longer unnoticed and often results in a costly repair.

Fortunately, HVAC maintenance or “tune and cleans” is routinely simple and essential, while being cost-effective– In almost every case, the proper maintenance of air conditioners saves far more in energy and equipment-repair costs than the expense of regular maintenance.

Did you know that most manufacturers will not guarantee your warranty without an annual maintenance? If the manufacturer finds a part faulty from a lack of maintenance, then they are known to deny warranty to our customers.

Modern HVAC units are designed and built to last 15+ years, yet their reliability is only effective when customers perform routine minor maintenance tasks. Maintenance is necessary in order for the equipment to provide long-term service.

The benefits of regular, preventive maintenance

The best solution is to engage an expert HVAC contractor to provide regularly-scheduled maintenance for air conditioning, cooling, refrigeration and heating equipment before costly repairs become necessary.

Here are some of the benefits of preventive cleaning and maintenance for your HVAC system:

  • Clean condenser coils save energy
  • Well-charged coolant systems keep homes and offices cooler and more comfortable
  • Regular maintenance saves money from labor and parts costs
  • Regular maintenance ensures that equipment warranties remain in force
  • Clean, well-maintained equipment is quieter during operation
  • Cleaning and maintenance can prevent small problems from growing larger and more costly
  • Preventive maintenance and cleaning can extend the life of equipment by many years

Here is a list of what our a/c maintenance entails:

  • Inspect your filter and replace it if needed (addl cost)
  • Test your thermostat
  • Inspect electrical
  • Inspect Evaporative Coil
  • Test Blower Motor
  • Confirm Proper Drainage
  • Inspect/Clean EZ Trap
  • Measure Return
  • Measure Supply
  • Monitor Delta T
  • Test Dual Capacitor
  • Test Line Voltage
  • Check Compressor AMP Draw and give numbers
  • Check Compressor MegaOhms and give numbers
  • Test Condenser Fan Motor
  • Check Suction P/T
  • Check Liquid P/T
  • Monitor Super Heat and Sub Cooling
  • Check System Charge
  • Inspect Lineset

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