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Duct Sealing Solutions

The duct system distributes air from the heating, cooling and ventilation equipment throughout the indoor space. Ductwork operating at peak capacity provides superior efficiency, comfort and air quality. It minimizes strain on the furnace and air conditioner. Unfortunately, the majority of ducts leak approximately 10 to 30% of the conditioned air. The air escapes through gaps, cracks and seams, never reaching the intended destination.

While ductwork is vital to the performance of the HVAC system, it’s commonly overlooked. At Welzig Heating and Air, we specialize in effective answers to everyday problems in Boulder, CO and surrounding areas. We handle the three types of duct leakage: supply leaks, equipment leaks and return leaks. We stop temperature controlled air from getting out and outside, dirty, unconditioned air from getting in. Our efforts l protect your safety, health, budget and comfort.

Certified Duct Sealing with Welzig Heating and Air

Our NATE-certified professionals have the depth of training, tools and technology to identify flaws in the entirety of the duct system and properly solve them without causing damage or disruption. You’re going to really appreciate our results. Here are some of the many reasons it’s the best idea to hire Welzig Heating and Air for duct sealing anywhere across Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and Lafayette, CO:

  • Optimized airflow for better comfort – Sealing makes sure the maximum amount of air is delivered where needed. Properly functioning ducts eliminate hot and cold spots.
  • Lower energy bills – Leaks require the HVAC system to work harder and run longer to keep you comfortable. It draws more energy and increases operating costs.
  • Reliability and longevity – When the heating/cooling equipment doesn’t carry as big of a workload, it will succumb to fewer repairs and provide longer service life.
  • Cleaner air – Flaws in the return ductwork pulls contaminants into the system and distributes them throughout the home. Sealing the ducts ensures healthier air quality and a cleaner living space.
  • Cleaner evaporator coil – The dust, dirt and other pollutants that get pulled into cracks and holes in the ducts build up on the system’s evaporator coil. During operation, the coil becomes wet, providing the perfect environment for microbial growth.
  • Spot other problems – There’s the possibility that the ductwork doesn’t just leak but has issues with poor design, undersized return or supply plenums, disconnected ducts, sagging, bends or improper levels of insulation. Our techs analyze the ducts and identify ALL concerns that negatively impact comfort, efficiency, air quality and overall value of the system.
Satisfied Customers
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Bob came out to look at our swamp cooler and was remarkably helpful and professional. Not only did he give me a knowledgeable diagnosis, but he also taught me a lot in the process. We’ll be calling him for all future needs with our cooling system.


Dave Kaplan-Gomez and James Miltersen installed my new Tankless Water Heater. Both were polite and professional. Care was taken not to damage anything in my house which I really appreciated. I use Welzig for all my HVAC needs and highly recommend them.


Our 23-year-old A/C system ran out of “borrowed time” and became too difficult to continue maintaining. With great advice from Casey Welzig,, we replaced the old system with a Bryant Evolution A/C system. Max Loustaunau and Seth Bernhardt did an excellent job with removing the old system and installing the new one. Both of them are great to work with — very professional and very personable. We are really amazed at how much better the new system works!

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