Incorporated in 1904, Superior was founded with an economy based largely on coal mining. That initial era lasted until the 1940s, and the town's population of 250 subsequently held steady into the 1980s as residents went to work in surrounding communities. But that all changed with the 1,570-acre residential subdivision now known as Rock Creek Ranch. It was annexed into Superior in 1987, providing housing, revenue, services, and utilities.

Through 2006, about 2,700 single-family homes and 1,800 multi-family homes were developed in Rock Creek Ranch. Superior's population jumped to more than 12,000. The town is now about four-square miles in area, including more than 600 acres of open space and 30 miles of trails. Residents are relatively affluent and well-educated, with 72 percent of the population in possession of a bachelor's degree or higher.

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