Meet Our Owners

Jimmy Welzig and his bride Jalene founded this company in 1994. Together they have strived and succeeded in making this company the largest family owned HVAC company in Northern Colorado. Customer Satisfaction is our TOP priority. Jim and Jalene reside in Mead with their farm of animals and children. They are both pilots and are also crazy about their horses.
Meet Our Sales Team

Casey Welzig is a Home Comfort Consultant. He was born into this life and understands HVAC better than most around. He is knowledgeable and passionate. He started as an installer in his teens, but decided he wanted to serve his country while he could. He enlisted in the Marines for several years, and was honorably discharged. Afterwards, Casey came back to the family business where he worked his way up to Sales Manager and is the Lead Comfort Advisor. Casey lives an exciting life, where he enjoys many extreme sports, raising animals on his little farm, and spending time with his daughter.”

Chris Kurz is our Customer Experience Coordinator. He is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of service and expertise to our customers through training our technicians using technology and our state-of-the-art training center. Chris is also responsible for our commercial contracts. He is one of the last employees to go home, because he is always willing to run any extra calls with a smile on his face. Chris also is an avid skydiver and spends his weekends at Mile High jumping from thousands of feet in the air.”
Meet Our Service and Maintenance Team

Bill Krus is our General Manager. He has been with this company since its start in 1996 and worked with Jimmy, our owner, in this industry prior. He is our most experienced technician and is continuously helping our technicians and office team with any questions or concerns. Bill is very involved in our higher continued education program for our technicians, installers, and customer service representatives. Bill enjoys four wheeling in his hummer in his spare time.

Weston Sanford is a Service Manager and Home Comfort Consultant along with being a Senior Service Technician. His understanding of this industry far exceeds most expectations. He can diagnose virtually any problem, he understands how to fix it, and can recommend new systems when needed. Weston has a passion for hunting and ice fishing. He is outdoorsy as it gets and loves taking his children on adventures with him

Michael Moorehead is one of our service technicians. He is always willing to work overtime to keep our clients happy. He is very positive and works until the job is done. Mike is very into music and was hired as a guitarist for the Flations Church Longmont Campus where you can see him play every Sunday. He has two sons he named Hendrix and Marley, after his love for music. He receives very positive feedback with online reviews. Mike is a rare find.

Chris Melani is a one of our maintenance technicians. He lives in Lyons with his bride of 28 years. He has two sons and loves being outdoors. He particularly loves hunting, fishing, and watching sports.

Tyler M is a maintenance and service technician who has a degree in Engineering. He is a musician as a vocalist and guitarist. He is married with two beautiful, little girls. He enjoys cars and watching the Broncos win (and lose)!

Johnny Hoyt is a service technician with many years of experience. He was an Army brat but has lived in Colorado for almost 30 years now. He has 5 grandkids that he loves to take to the park

Bob Chrisley is a maintenance technician. He used to be a chef for Oscar Blues but decided he was ready to enter a new industry. He lives in Longmont with his wife and two children.

Meet Our Office Team

Sherrie Brown is the Controller of the company and is the vessel that keeps us running. She enjoys spending her time away from work with her kids and grandkids. She enjoys having BBQs at her house or taking her grandchildren to the movies or swimming.

Lisa Martinez is the Office Coordinator; she has experience in every position of the office so she is able to help with any foreseeable issues. She loves biking, swimming, and hiking. She also enjoys her weekends at church or in the mountains.

Cassy Brack is our Advertisement and Marketing Manager. She works from home and office; she deals with any advertising project and is always finding new ways to market to our customers that suits their best interests and needs. She has two little girls that she adores. She loves spending her weekends watching the Broncos with her husband and shopping. She also likes to try new wineries or travel to new countries.

Bridget is our Purchaser, she makes sure all parts are ordered and warranty is handled, she also helps with A/R. She has a little girl that she adores and she can always be found with a smile upon her face.

Grace is a part-time help when she is not in school. She helps in book-keeping and inventory during her summer and break hours. She loves cheerleading and hanging out with her friends on the weekend.

Steven Lucht is one of our Customer Service Representatives. He is the first one to answer the phone and always has a smile in his voice. He enjoys comics and is a large fan of Marvel and SC. He has a daughter and a son! He enjoys reading and plans to go back to school for cyber security.

Amber Diller is one of our Customer Service Representatives. She is a Colorado Native and loves her Great Dane. She has family in HVAC and it inspired her to join this industry. She is also very interested in Greek mythology.
Install Team

Saul Franco is our lead installer. He has been with our company for over a decade and receives the highest compliments. His son also has recently started working for our family company. Saul has 2 children. He loves the Broncos and has a passion for cars. He enjoys going out with family for dinner.

David Kaplan-Gomez is one our longest standing employees for Welzig and has been with us since 1998. He is our Install Manager and Lead Installer. Dave is well-rounded throughout our company and does our duct work evaluations, as well as any install, and he also can help in the office when others are sick. He is extremely honest and always willing to go the extra mile for our customers and the company. He has a wife and daughter that he enjoys spending time with when he isn’t at work. He is a major CU Buff fan and is wife was on staff with CU for many years. He enjoys soccer and plays on a semi-competitive league.

Erick is an experienced installer in HVAC and plumbing. He is great at installs and especially efficient when installing hot water heaters. He likes spending time with his girlfriend and dogs on the weekends.

Guillermo (he also goes by Memo) is a lead installer for Welzig. He has several years of experience as an installer. He enjoys hanging with his friends on the weekend

Kevin Chavira is an install assistant. He has a 2 year daughter and he loves watching the Broncos.
Shop Team

Joe Piek is one of our part time drivers, he is retired from the education system. Joe enjoys travelling the world with his wife and is very involved with his family.

Ray is our fab designer; he makes metal for any of our custom duct work and oversees the warehouse. He also helps in install. When Ray gets the chance, he enjoys cooking; his specialty is Italian food. He has a daughter and a son and he enjoys going to car shows with his son. He has a passion for rare foreign cars.

Harry Dix is a part time help with driver. He is retired and enjoys living in Lyons with his wife and his grandchildren.